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We Make Our Own Enemies

We make our own enemies. This can be both a good as well as a bad sign. Often repeated, people claim that if on has enemies, then they are doing the “right thing”. They’re right, to a certain extent, considering some enemies may despise you due to your kind heart, or open mind or even your success; however, this isn’t always the case. Repeated often, enemies, or this in power, have the ability to incubate or control people. With this incubation, it may also bring some form of oppression or injustice. With this constant force that surrounds a person, it can lead to the creation of an enemy. For example, America happens to have many enemies which have tended to be former allies with the US. Of course no justification of these people’s crimes can happen; however, due to great suspicion and unclear intentions of the US government actions abroad have caused much chaos and opposition. The truth of the matter is that we create our own enemies, both good and bad. So, the belief that enemies appear or oppose you for no significant reason is absurd, and you are making some type of impact in their lives. The question is weather it is good or bad.