Why is he a Hero?


I was scrolling through my twitter feed one day when i noticed a picture of an old man; yet, this old man didn’t happen to be just any old man… he was the infamous playboy founder Hugh Hefner. I recognized many deeply praising the man for his contribution to humanity. That’s when i thought to myself: What kind of impact did this main create on our planet? Was it bad or good? There may be many opinions but i would have to disagree with the praise this man received. If one were to actually analyze and study the effects of the porn industry, they would note the awful damages taken by many, especially in America. The porn industry has caused thousands and maybe even millions of awful addictions, effecting both kids and adults. These serious addictions and problems may sometimes only be resolved through severe rehab, intervention, etc. Studies have shown that 90% of kids in America will have watch porn at least once by the age of 12. These statistics are destroying our generations’ thinking and culture. Pornography can have a devastating effect on kids as well as grown men and women. These aren’t the only harmful effects of pornography; many include destroying relationships and marriages, objectification as well as the humiliation of women in the media is all due to this ever-growing industry. These women that are witnessed in photo-shoots, videos, etc. are not soulless women. These are actual human beings that deserve to be respected as human beings rather than some product to achieve pleasure. We all must realize the awful effects of pornography on the world and reconsider why such a man like Hugh Hefner is considered a hero of our generation.


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